AucaDigital, a publishing house specialized in the creation of educational content, was created with the intention of adapting the world to children, making learning a motivating challenge and a fun experience.

We use the creative and interactive possibilities offered to us by new technologies to create educational materials that capture the interest of children today and serve as a complement to analog materials.

Our goal is to provide quality educational resources that encourage their intellectual, emotional and social development, at the same time entertaining them and facilitating learning.

We believe in the transformative power of education to make this world a more humane place. Democratic education that is respectful of diversity and based on collaborative work. We wish to participate in this revolution, creating educational materials that address the diversity of intelligences and foster inclusion.

Our team

Equipo de Auca Digital

Asunción Muñoz Fernández, co-founder & Art and Animation Director
María del Pilar Rodríguez González, co-founder & Editorial Coordinator

We are a great team of professionals dedicated to our project and with extensive experience in the sector: writers, illustrators, musicians, translators, editors, graphic designers, multimedia artists, educators, publishers… all bringing their experience and expertise to bear, working with commitment, enthusiasm and know-how. But, above all, we are parents and teachers concerned about children’s education.

We are also fortunate enough to benefit form an excellent quality control team. Our apps are screened by children, parents and teachers during the production process and in their final testing. Thanks to their comments and suggestions we are able to improve each one of our stories.

David Gañán Jiménez, technical Director
AT Accurate Translations, translator and proofreader
Ana Bermejo Santos, illustrations for children, publishing and advertising, graphic design and animation
Ricard Aranda Recasens, children’s illustrations and graphic design
Aida Cachafeiro Rey, educational psychologist, primary and pre-school teacher
Lourdes Corbera Busquets, writer, translator and proofreader
Marc Dalmases i Castellanes, music composition and sound engineering
Begoña Fernández Corbalán, illustrations for children and advertising
Marta De La Fuente Gómez, illustration of children’s books and video games
Patricia G. Heredia Pelaca, writer, editor, translator and proofreader
Sònia Hidalgo i Martin, writer and teacher: children’s and music education
Paula Merlán, writer and primary school teacher
Chema Montorio Rodríguez, writer and trainer in skills and emotional reinforcement
Marta Moreno Ríos, children’s illustrations and text books and primary school
Nathalie Pons, writer and pre-school and primary school teacher
Francesc Tataret Gallegos, writer, editor and R&D+I expert
Ruth Valencia Alganza, children’s illustrations and text books

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