Teach Me to Read are a multilingual educational tools created for the progressive practice of reading by children ages 5 to 7.

Pedagogical design based on the Constructivist Approach and the Montessori Method. Designed in cooperation with teachers.

Recommended for the reading and writing skills teaching/learning process for preschool and first grade primary school students. Educational Tool with Activities and Book for Learning to Read, for Families and Schoolchildren.

Benefits for the child
Confidence and autonomy: readers can explore the different levels, advancing and mastering them at their own pace.

Thanks to the reading comprehension activities children not only know that they have understood the story, but are also able to improve their sensory-perceptual development by exercising their memory, attention, concentration and capacity for observation.

It helps children to acquire values and personal and social skills. Help your child to delve into the story by talking about the plot and the characters’ actions and emotions.

A curriculum model based on transversal competencies: communication, social, personal, doing and learning.

Develop children’s fine motor skills.


Three ways of enjoying the same story:
1-For the child who still does not know how to read and needs to discover the world through simple words.
2-For the child who can read with more precision and wishes to explore more details of the story.
3-For the child who already knows how to read and is capable of fully undertaking the adventure of discovering the pleasure of reading.

Reading comprehension activities tailored to each level. Learning to read is about more than pronouncing the phonemes in the alphabet and spelling words.

The option of deciding what kind of font the story appears in: School Type Script, Printed, or Block Capitals.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), English (U.S. and United Kingdom), French, German and Portuguese (Brazil). Four languages so you can switch between languages, familiarize yourself with a new one, or simply practice two mother tongues.

Interactive illustrations that you won’t be able to resist touching again and again.

An original soundtrack and audio effects during reading.

A setup menu that is easy for kids to use, available on each screen: change of font, music on/off, access to scenes, and language change.

Available for iPad.

Teach Me to Read – Lucia’s Birthday

Teach Me to Read – Ferocious & Meows

Teach Me to Read – A gripping race

Teach Me to Read – Carla’s Tooth

Teach Me to Read – Headstrong Harry

Teach Me to Read – Hulot the Robot

Teach Me to Read – Sir Jon the knight


Teach Me to Read – Achoo!
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