Auca is a kiosk that contains the Play & Read. story collection. These stories are an educational tool for individualized practice by children who are learning to read.

These stories have been created to make reading a fun and interactive experience that helps them discover the joy of reading.


Three levels of reading. On each level you will discover more details of the story.

Three font types. To read the stories you can choose between three font types: School Type Script, Printed, or Block Capitals.

More than one language. The stories are available for you to practice reading in different languages.

Fun animations. Discover the animations and interact with the story.

Reading comprehension activities so you can check what you’ve learned.

Original illustrations.

Original soundtrack and sound effects.

Available for iPad.

Stories available in 9 languages: Catalan, German, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Basque, French, Galician, English (U.S. and United Kingdom), Italian and Portuguese (Brazil).


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